Mary McGill

Mary McGill

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mary McGill has an extensive background in industrial relations, business development, budgets and financial control, and corporate management. She won the Business Woman in Management Award in 1991 out of 1300 nominated candidates, and was the … Read more

Brian Sanderson

Our Rubber & Ceramics Manager, Brian Sanderson joined the PHC Group in 2005. With over thirty years’ experience in the Abrasion & Corrosion industry he has a wealth of knowledge and skills that are both comprehensive and reliable. With a … Read more

Dino Della-Bianca

Our Works Manager, Dino Della-Bianca was employed by owner, Carol Campbell in 1996 as foreman to 10 employees. As one of our longest serving employees, he has witnessed numerous changes, seen many people come and go, and conquered many challenges. … Read more

Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper has been Branch Manager at the PHC Group for a period of sixteen years. He liaises with clients, oversees major contracts and projects, and calculates tenders. He is enthusiastic and committed to developing concrete and lasting relationships with … Read more

Tony Rae

Our Mechanical Workshop Manager, Tony Rae, has a wealth of experience in the manufacturing industry. He began his working career as an apprentice Fabricator in the rail manufacturing industry. During his eighteen years building rail cars, he broadened his knowledge … Read more