Conveyor Management

Conveyor Management

The Conveyor Division offers total conveyor maintenance from belt and components sales, installations and splicing, monitoring, refurbishment and pulley lagging.

The Conveyor Division has demonstrated over the years the ability to set goals and achieve targets. Our prime objective is the provision of a superior and sustained level of service that exceeds industry standards and our customers’ expectations.
Our Conveyor Division’s proven record of “lost time injury” statistics is a direct result of the company’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy whilst our Environmental Policy ensures that our business is carried out in a responsible manner ensuring all government, community, and client expectations are met.
With client quality and service paramount, PHC’s Conveyors division has been accredited to Quality Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.
The PHC Groups’ Conveyor Division is proud to be a local and independent company.
Our Conveyor Division offers a complete range of mechanical services. Our fully skilled workforce includes Engineering, Fabrication, Fitting and Welding.

Specializations include

  • Fabrication, installation and refurbishment of Conveyors
  • Pulleys
  • Gearboxes
  • Rollers, Environmental Products, Conveyor Auditing
  • Belt Cleaning and Tracking Systems

Our Mechanical Services Department has expertise in

  • Laser Alignment
  • Bearing Removal and Installation with Hydraulic Injection
  • Can assist in upgrading efficiency in your conveying system

Our Work specialisation & services include

  • General shutdown maintenance
  • Install & maintenance of conveyor belt systems
  • Refurbishment of pulleys
  • Reconditioning of conveyor belts
  • Belt inspections & monitoring
  • Ultra sonic thickness testing

We can Supply or Supply & Install

  • General & custom belting to specification
  • Rollers & frames
  • Belt fastener
  • Belt cleaning systems
  • Pulley lagging
  • Plus much more…

Some of our Products

  • Hardware & Components
    • Rollers, Troughs, Frames, Weigh Scales
    • Impact beds & slider bars
    • Skirting & clamp systems
    • Dust suppression, PVC Rollers
  • Belting
    • General plus FRAS Rated
    • Elevator & Light weight
    • Solid Woven MDA
  • Pulleys
    • Lagging Natural & FRAS Rubber
    • Ceramics in Dimple and Smooth
    • Lagging in Poly Natural and FRAS
    • Hot cast Poly natural & FRAS
  • Belt Cleaners
    • Tungsten and Poly
    • U Type Cleaners
    • Spray Pole Cleaners
    • Self- Cleaning Spiral Pulleys & Rollers